The mainland United States of America (USA), containing over four million miles of road, is the ideal destination for a long-distance road trip. Sufficient planning, however, will be required for those who want to enjoy their time behind the wheel and who wish for their holiday to be memorable for all the right reasons.

It is essential, after choosing a starting point and a destination, to decide upon which route to take before embarking on a car journey across continental America. Choosing a vehicle with a reliable engine, good fuel economy and plentiful storage space is essential for a successful long-distance car journey.

Holidaymakers, having decided what route they want to take on their road trip across the USA, should stock up on provisions and will need a sufficient amount of money to buy enough food and fuel to complete the journey. Route 66, the most famous road in the world that starts in Illinois and ends in California, has been decommissioned as a highway but still draws motoring enthusiasts in their droves. Those who wish to travel the length of Route 66, however, should know that the diversion of traffic to new roads has resulted in a number of motels and gas-stations along the route going out of business.

Those driving through the state of Nevada should visit Las Vegas, situated in the Mojave Desert, which is famous for its entertainment and hospitality industries. Fresh water, piped into the city from wells, turned the settlement into an oasis town and the population began to grow when the first gambling houses and entertainment centres were established. Those gambling houses, benefiting from the steady stream of capital flowing into the city, evolved into casinos and tourists came from far and wide to patronise these establishments. Persons wishing to play poker in Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, should visit Poker Travel to learn the proper etiquette surrounding the game.